Why Does My Air Conditioner Sounds Like Running Water?

Christian Lebron May 22, 2023
air conditioner sounds like running water

Summers can be cruel, uncomfortable, and dehydrating. Millions of people cannot even imagine their lives without a fully-functioning AC unit in any indoor setting, be it their house, workspace, or shopping center. Needless to say, it is essential to keep the air conditioners around us in perfect state so that we can keep the scorching heat of the sun at bay. But with time, an AC’s functionality can deteriorate if we fail to provide proper care and maintenance. One of the most common problems we encounter in the process is the air conditioner sounds like running water.

Suppose your AC has started making water-related noises like dripping or splashing. In that case, it is time to pay attention and look for professional repair services for immediate resolution. Why, you ask? Well, let us understand your AC’s different water noises and why they are an instant red flag!

Different Water Noises in AC that Raise an Alarm

Sound of Splashing or Running Water

If you have ever enjoyed a dry and clean feeling under the cool breeze of an AC, you must know that ACs are designed to minimize humidity (reduce water content in air) in an enclosed space. But when the air conditioner is spitting water and making noise, it is a sign that its inbuilt drip pan is overflowing.

This implies that your AC will no longer be able to drain water from the air. If you do not get this problem resolved as soon as possible, your AC might leak profusely. So, if your air conditioner sounds like running water, you must remember that the water will start physically dripping out of it soon, which sure isn’t a good sign. This is why AC tune-up is required.


As the ACs remove air humidity to offer you a cooler and more pleasant indoor space, the process of condensation takes place. The extracted water from the air slowly splashes into the AC system’s drip tray, creating a slow dripping sound.

So, you do not need to overthink about such a noise coming from your AC as it implies that the AC is working absolucalltoy fine. But if you are feeling overly frustrated by this dripping sound, it is best to empty your AC’s drip tray every now and then.

Having to see your air conditioner spitting water and making noise can be a very frustrating experience. The above-mentioned sound problems in your AC suggest a bigger potential damage is around the corner and that you need to get in touch with an HVAC contractor as soon as possible.

Our team has experienced professionals who are incredibly proficient in getting to the root cause of any problem in your AC and making it right so that you can continue to enjoy cool and calming indoors in scorching summers. So, take charge and contact Lebron Heating & Cooling for the best AC repair service in Pasco, FL!

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Christian Lebron May 22, 2023
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